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What to take with you?

Will I need a folk costume? Can I bring an iPad? Or snacks?

You can take a lot of things, but if it's not allowed –
it could be confiscated by camp staff! 

The following is a list by category, to explain things that would be useful and things that should not be brought into the camp area.

What NOT to bring:
Weapons, fireworks, cigarettes and smoking accessories, chewing tobacco, alcohol, narcotic substances and their accessories, or other dangerous items are strictly prohibited on Kursa property. For the use, storage or delivery of these things, the student will be expelled from camp.

What you SHOULD bring:


Casual clothes – long and short pants, shirts with long and short sleeves, underwear; 
sportswear, formal wear (suitable for functions, parties and respectful services), swimsuit/swimming trunks. Kursa shirt: can be bought if you don't already have one.

Jackets: you also need a warmer jacket, such as a "fleece" or even a light down jacket; also a raincoat or jacket (goretex or similar). Temperatures may drop to 50 F in the evenings, and the Pacific Norwest can get wet and rainy, even in summer!

Free washing machines are available on the property and attendees are expected to take care of their own laundry.


Comfortable walking shoes, sports shoes, black shoes for folk dance performances, shoes suitable for special events, shower sandals.

We would like to remind you that Kursa is located on the Olympic Peninsula, therefore we recommend that you bring shoes that are suitable for walking on gravel paths, forest paths and that will protect against the rain.


Blanket or sleeping bag, twin-size fitted sheet, pillow and pillow case, and towels. In the evenings it can get chilly in the dorms!

(If you are traveling by plane and cannot take bulky linens with you, we have a limited amount of bedding available on the property we can lend to you. Please let us know in advance if you need anything.)


Bring any prescription medications you may need during Kursa. If not mentioned in your medical forms, please update your medical forms. 

Latvian Folk Costumes

All students wear folk costumes during the closing performance on the last day of camp. If you have something to bring (even if only partial), please bring it!

Kursa also owns folk costumes that we can lend, if you don't own one personally, or if for any reason you are not able to bring yours with you in travel. All students must bring their flat black dress shoes to wear with the folk costumes, which must be comfortable to dance in.


Shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, anti-mosquito spray, sun cream, skin cream, etc. 

We recommend bringing a shower caddy and soap and toothbrush dishes.

Teaching supplies

Indra - what can we recommend? A favorite book, pen, notebook? 

Musical instruments

We play music at dance nights, talent (and talentless) nights! You are encourages to bring wind, percussion or string instruments with you to camp.


Tablet computers may be used in the course for learning. While Kursa has a limited number of laptops available for student use, it is helpful if students can bring their own from home.


Phones are allowed, but they must remain in the students' rooms during classes. Please note that Kursa has limited cell phone service and wifi.


Snacks for between meals are allowed, but they must be stored in bins in the dining hall so that pests do not get into anything!
It is prohibited to to keep food in the dorms.

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