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What is Kursa?

Kursa Summer High School is a Latvian language and culture immersion experience camp in Washington State for students from grades 8 – 12. 

The purpose of Kursa is to give Latvian teenagers the opportunity to learn about their heritage by learning Latvian language, culture, and traditions – together with new and old friends!

A Day in the Life at Kursa

Good morning! The day begins with group exercises to wake up the body and mind, before the raising of the flag and morning announcements. Up next - breakfast.
After the meal, lessons begin with music all together.

For the rest of the morning, there are four different subjects, including: language, history, geography and more. Students are in study groups according to their language abilities, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.


In the afternoons, students take part in creative & special interest activities – including traditional jewelry, ceramics, crafts, or chess with Viktors Pūpols, American Chess Master. 

Sports activities take place in the afternoon or in the evening, whether in free time or organized by counselors. The camp territory has soccer and volleyball fields, a basketball court, and a swimming pool. Novus tables provide an indoor opportunity for friendly competition. In 2022, we also bought 10 yoga mats and croquet. There is something for everyone!

The day concludes with evening programming - whether is be a dance night, capture the flag, bonfire, talent night or trivia games. Every week on Thursdays there is also a favorite tradition - Poetry night! Everyone at Kursa, student or teacher, recites a poem or song based on the weekly theme - whether they find it in the library or compose it themselves! Saturday nights also have a themed dance party to celebrate the end of the week.

Before bed, we gather together for the evening song - and of course one more nighttime snack.


Kursa is situated on the Olympic Peninsula surrounded by many of the West Coast's beautiful natural wonders within a couple hours' drive, such as Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helens dormant volcanoes, the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the Olympic mountains, and the nearby Mason County Fairgrounds. Every year Kursa attendees get to experience field trips to one or more of these destinations.

Classes are sometimes held on Saturdays if classes have been canceled on a working day due to excursions. Sunday is mostly free time for personal needs and laundry. 

Within their four years at Kursa, students experience a special spirit and build friendship bonds that can last a lifetime. Kursa students past and present have said that they consider the Kursa family as their second family, who share their joys and successes wherever life takes them beyond camp.

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