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Financial Assistance

There are several organizations which offer financial assistance, to help families with participation costs.

We enourage participants and families to apply for assistance. 


Mežotne offers scholarships to those who have attended Mežotne for at least five years. The application deadline is June 1 and more information can be found on the Mežotne website here.
For more information, please write:


Those in need of financial support are encouraged to apply for a scholarship from the American Latvian Association by writing to Kursa:
Application deadline: June 1.


Daugava Vanagi offers scholarships to students attending Kursa summer high school.
The application deadline for 2023 is June 5.
For more information, please see the DV website here.

Additional Resources

Along with the above mentioned stipend opportunities, is also possible to contact your local Latvian organizations who may also offer support – for example, a cultural organization, or credit union, etc.

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