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Greetings on May 4th!

Our most sacred duty is to love and protect this land, so that the land of Latvians will be free and remain free. Aleksandrs Grīns


Sveiks, Kursa participants and parents!

We kindly remind you to register for this year’s summer high school Kursa, which will run from July 7th to August 3rd. Registration is currently open on the Active Camp portal.


This year, it is possible to pay the tuition fee in installments, an option that can be selected at time of payment. If a "coupon code" would be helpful to defer a portion of tuition until scholarships/financial assistance is known, or if you'd like more information on financial assistance, please write:


There are a number of scholarships to help families with the tuition for Kursa. More information about various scholarships can be found on our website: If seeking additional financial support, we encourage you to apply for the ALA and DV Lincoln Scholarships by writing to Kursa: Please note, the application deadline is June 1st.

Important Dates:

July 7:  On-site registration and move-in

July 8:  The first day of classes!

July 26 – 28: Kursa's 50th anniversary celebration will take place during the third full weekend of Kursa, with an open house weekend. We welcome Kursa alumni and supporters to join us through the weekend to share memories of Kursa’s history and experience what it means to be a student at Kursa in 2024. This will include a Friday evening poetry night, a special student performance on Saturday, as well as lightning lectures by current teachers, shared meals, and a dance. Please let us know if have any questions or would like to join us! or follow our Facebook event page for updates

August 3: “Izlaidums” – Closing program. The whole community is welcome!

See you at Kursa!


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